Energy Storage in a Capacitor

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Energy Storage in a Capacitor

Energy Storage

Whether you keep power from regenerative braking in a automobile or preserve up CPU and reminiscence to safely shut down at some point of a strength failure, KEMET provides high-CV capacitor options for any application.


Batteries may additionally be the first concept that comes to thought when you hear electricity storage, however a capacitor’s low leakage and potential to shop strength and launch on the spot contemporary is the foremost attribute that makes them work so properly with batteries and different energy transport networks. KEMET’s merchandise can be cut up into two most important classes of power storage: bulk capacitance and electricity harvesting.

High Voltage Bulk Capacitance

High voltage bulk capacitance is regularly observed in excessive energy AC to DC conversions or used to preserve up a DC rail with minimal ripple voltage. These capacitors are frequently located in electric powered vehicles, strength generation, or renewable energy.

KEMET’s Film and Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are first-class desirable for a excessive voltage bulk capacitance application.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Benefits

  • Products targeted on prolonged lifestyles to maximize running time barring sacrificing running voltage — up to 20,000 hours of life!
  • Flexible graph with KEMET’s aluminum electrolytic lifetime calculator, which offers an correct estimation of how lengthy the capacitor will final inside described running conditions
  • High electricity storage density makes these capacitors a very house superb solution
  • Varied mounting elements for convenient board meeting or on web site replacements
  • Supports voltages up to 600 VDC

Film Capacitor Benefits

  • Able to stand up to overvoltage prerequisites — nearly double their rated voltage
  • Film capacitors are non-polarized, which are immune to reverse polarity connections
  • Excellent ripple present day coping with overall performance makes it perfect when you want to have excessive capacitance and deal with excessive ripple current
  • Supports voltages up to 3,000 VDC

Low Voltage Bulk Capacitance

Energy Harvesting

Supercapacitors have traits of each ordinary capacitors and batteries. As a result, the utilization of supercapacitors is comparable to a battery in a DC circuit. These units are pleasant ideal for use in low voltage DC hold-up purposes such as embedded microprocessor structures with flash reminiscence or taking pictures the strength from regenerative braking systems.

Supercapacitor Benefits

  • Low leakage present day skill the supercapacitor can preserve a cost longer
  • Can be unexpectedly charged and discharged, which is beneficial for taking pictures very rapid bursts of energy
  • Can be charged and discharged many greater instances than a everyday battery

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