How to Wire an Ignition Switch

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How to Wire an Ignition Switch


The ignition swap in a motor automobile is the principal electrical factor used via the operator to start, run and flip off the vehicle. The most important cause of the swap is to permit the operator to safely have interaction the ignition machine and spark off the electric powered starter. Replacement of the ignition swap turns into imperative when you have bother turning on the electrical system, or if the starter fails to give up turning after the motor has started.

Step 1

Locate and perceive the pins on the again of the ignition switch, There must be 4 terminals marked “BATT” for Battery, “ST” for Start, “IGN” for Ignition, and “ACC” for Accessory. Some switches may additionally use a exclusive letter or range code, so test with the producer of the swap to correct become aware of the terminals.

Step 2

Disconnect the cable from the bad battery terminal the usage of an adjustable wrench. Identify the superb electricity lead to the ignition switch. The electricity lead is generally a thick pink wire and stays energized at all times. Install the right terminal quit on the electricity lead wire and crimp it securely with a terminal multi-tool. Connect the electricity lead from the battery to the “BATT” terminal of the switch. Some ignition switches use a cross-tip screw to invulnerable the wires, and some use spade clips on the wire ends. Determine which one is fantastic for your ignition switch.

Step 3

Connect the accent lead wire to the “ACC” terminal of the ignition swap the use of the excellent wire terminal. This wire energizes car add-ons such as the radio when the ignition change is grew to become to the “ACC” position.

Step 4

Connect starter relay wire to the “ST” terminal of the ignition switch. The “ST” terminal solely prompts when the ignition change is became to the “START” function and is a spring-loaded short-term contact.

Step 5

Connect the ignition wire to the “IGN” terminal of the ignition switch. This is the most important terminal that is used for automobile ignition, wipers, add-ons and different running features. This is the ordinary “run” role of the switch.

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