Difference Between Electric Field And Magnetic Field

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Difference Between Electric Field And Magnetic Field

The magnetic subject is an exerted place round the magnetic force. It is bought by way of transferring electric powered charges. The course of the magnetic subject is indicated by way of lines. While the electric powered fields are generated round the particles which achieve electric powered charge. During this process, advantageous fees are drawn, whilst terrible fees are repelled.


An object with a transferring cost constantly has each magnetic and electric powered fields. They have some similarities and additionally have two exceptional fields with the identical characteristics. Both fields are inter-related referred to as electromagnetic fields, however they are no longer structured on every other.

               Difference Between Electric Field vs Magnetic Field

                 Electric Field                                                                                                                Magnetic Field

                                                                  It creates an electric powered cost in surrounding                                                                  Creates an electric powered cost round transferring magnets
 Measured as newton per coulomb, volt per meter                                                                 Measured as gauss or tesla
                                                     Proportional for the electric powered charge                                                                         Proportional to the pace of electric powered charge
                                            Are perpendicular to the magnetic field                                                                                   Are perpendicular to the electric powered field
                                                                           An electric powered subject is measured the use of an electrometer                                      The magnetic area is measured the usage of the magnetometer

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